Against hunger

There are 6 reasons for the Lovenest Feeder:

1 Design

The Lovenest Feeder looks good: Beautiful, timeless and durable design. Natural materials: wood, glass and metal. Made in Switzerland and in Europe. You can hang it in your garden with pride.

2 Hygiene

The Lovenest Feeder is hygienic: the birds feed – like officers in the military – from glass and gamelle. All clean.

3 Easy Hang up

The Lovenest Feeder is hung up immediately. Simply hang on a branch or hook. Where these are missing, place it on a pedestal – safe from the wind and cats.

4 Security

When hung, the Lovenest Feeder is safe for birds and out of reach for cats.

5 Flexibility

The Lovenest feeder adapts: The food supply can be regulated according to the granularity and according to the need. In addition, everyone can see from a distance when the feedd runs out.

6 Great landing stage

The Lovenest feeder offers ideal landing conditions: Easy-to-grip landing bar with approach lanes from all points of the compass. The birds stand there and not in the grains. Even the weakest bird finds its place.


  • The feeder is 31 cm high, the roof has a diameter of 30 cm. The diameter of the landing stage is 22 cm. The design is continuously optimized and may differ in details from the shown pictures.


  • Rope for easy hanging of the Lovenest Feeder.
  • Weatherproof, rustproof aluminum roof
  • 3 wooden pillars which hold the roof and the feeder together
  • One of the columns can be rotated to change the feeding bottle
  • Hygienic, dishwasher safe glass feeding bottle with lid
  • Replacement bottle
  • Height-adjustable chrome steel bottle holder to allow for feed granularity and regulate feed replenishment
  • Convex watch glass which allows the feed to slide out of the bottle onto the plate on all sides.
  • Drained feed plate made of hygienic aluminum
  • Round landing board made of wood
  • Stainless screws with cuvettes and gaskets

  • Beauty, good timeless design. Enrichment of the garden
  • Hygiene: the birds eat from clean dishes
  • Safety: cats, martens, etc. have no chance
  • Functionality: granularity and feed of the feeder are adjustable
  • The feed level is visible at all times
  • The feeder is made of natural materials
  • Simple operation
  • Ideal landing conditions from all directions
  • Made in Switzerland and in Europe
  • 2 years warranty

Birds don’t need an instruction manual. They figure it out all by themselves.

For humans, here are a few tips:

  • Here are a few tips for humans:
  • The Lovenst feeder can be hung up / set up immediately. The bottle can be replaced easily, quickly and conveniently:
  • Hang the Lovenest feeder from a branch or hook using the rope or place it on an iron pipe using the available flange. Protected from cats and wind.
  • Fill the bottle with the available food grains funnel.
  • Use your left hand to turn the column of the Lovenest food dispenser with the logo facing outwards. Tilt the food dispenser and the bottle to the right. The bottle cannot fall out between the two fixed columns. Remove the bottle and clean it in the dishwasher.
  • Snap the bottle carrier into place at the desired height above the watch glass and adjust the quantity of grains.
  • Insert the full bottle: Loosen the lid slightly, turn the bottle upside down and insert it.
  • Tilt the bottle to the right. It will not fall out between the two fixes columns.
  • Turn the column with the logo to fix the bottle in place.
  • – Loosen the lid completely and pull it away from under the bottle so that the food grains slide onto the curved glass and plate. Snap the bottle into the hole. Done.
  • – The food dispenser is made of natural wood. Not plastic. Wood can turn grey with weather and light. This is natural.