For the next generation – the naturally round bird house

As a human, I cannot rent my birds a better home than a Lovenest.
4 reasons:

1 Finally a bird house that also thinks of people.

No clumsy wooden shack, neither ugly to look at nor complicated to hang up or difficult to clean.

Instead, a durable construction with a good design that can be assembled (and cleaned) in no time at all.

2 Finally people with two left hands can love birds.

A Lovenst needs neither screws, wires, ropes, hammers, nails or hooks nor breakneck acrobatics.

Man climbs onto a chair or a short ladder. Then he hangs the Lovenest on a branch with the already attached strap and buckle. That’s all.

3 Finally you can choose your own favorite tenants.

A lovenest has replaceable entrance and exit holes. Without insert it is for starlings and nuthatches.

The small insert invites blue tits, marsh tits, crested and fir tits.

The large insert is appreciated by great tits, sparrows, pied flycatchers and nuthatches.

4 Finally, less tedious work when tenants change.

The Lovenest is durable, weatherproof and long-lasting. Unprotected, it will turn gray like a tree trunk over time.

After the end of the incubation period, make it ready for new tenants. To do this, unhinge it, knock it out at the bottom, disinfect it briefly with a little hot water, close it again and hang it up.

Less than 10 minutes of work per year, for the comfort and safety of a whole family of birds.

As birds, we can't rent a better house from humans than a Lovenest.
4 good reasons:

1 Finally, someone has noticed that birds do not build square nests.

The Lovenest is round, of course. Just like birds build their nests. It balances heat and cold better than conventional nest boxes.

Almost three centimeters of solid wood all around and a weatherproof, ventilated roof protect for decades.

2 Finally we can sleep better because the enemy has no chance.

The Lovenest is hung on a branch with a belt attached to the roof and is thus difficult to reach.

If a cat or marten does manage to reach it, the clever construction tips the attacker away without further ado. The valuable brood remains safe.

3 Finally, we can see from a distance who is valued as a tenant.

The smaller the bird species, the smaller the entrance hole must be so that we feel safe from harassment. Without an insert, starlings come into the lovenest.

In the small insert, marsh, crested and pine tits. In the big operation, great tits, sparrows, pied flycatchers, nuthatches, and wrynecks.

4 Finally, the probability of finding a clean apartment increases.

The annual cleaning of the Lovenest is simple for humans. It takes hardly ten minutes.

Therefore, the birds can look forward to a clean place to return from winter cold from the autumn and a clean nesting place in the spring.

A lovenest is a contribution to improving the living conditions of birds around the house, in gardens, parks and forests.

Good nesting sites are a very important part of good habitats such as flower meadows, hedgerows, forests, orchards and water bodies.

In private gardens, flower meadows, berry-bearing and also thorny shrubs, hedges, fruit trees, branch piles are much more useful for birds than golf lawns. It helps nature if at least a few islands are allowed to remain wild. Flower meadows attract insects, and birds feed on them.

  • Two round hollow cylinders made of European pine or spruce wood. These are built from profiles which are grooved, glued and turned around an octagon.
  • A weatherproof roof attached with spacers for under ventilation.
  • A carrying strap with a quick release fastener, along with mounting screws and gaskets.
  • A joint and a fastener made of a threaded rod with a wing nut.
  • Two inserts with different entry hole sizes including locking screw.
  • Landing rod for the starling

Height: 31cm
Diameter roof: 30cm
Diameter wood outside: 20cm
Diameter nest inside: 14cm
Weight: 2.8kg

Scope of delivery
Including carrying strap, roof, seals, lock, 2 inserts for different bird species, landing pole.
The design is continuously optimized and may differ in details from the pictures shown.

You receive the Lovenest fully assembled. It can be hung up immediately, easily and without tools.